Cross Words

God’s Favorite Music

A disagreement over worship style was part of the story of the first murder. In Genesis 4, Cain praised God with the fruit of the ground while Abel worshipped with the firstlings of his flock. They both did what was natural based on their preferences. God respected Abel and rejected Cain. ...
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Bats in the Bell Tower

Three pastors, one Methodist, one Presbyterian, and one Baptist were best friends in a small country community.   Each week they got together for fellowship and to discuss things going on in their churches.  One week the topic was so unusual.  Each of the three churches had an infestation of bats in their attics.
The Methodist pastor ...
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If You Can Catch Me (Motivation)

A young man in town could not lose weight.  He was single, couldn’t buy clothes and couldn’t get a date. He had tried everything, so as a last resort he went to his pastor.  The pastor told him that he had a guaranteed weight loss program for him.  He instructed him to go buy some ...
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Grace Covered It All

One of the most influential people in my childhood was my grandfather.  Even though he has gone on to be with the Lord, memories of him and his love still impact my life.  My grandfather was a gentle, patient and solid man who was well loved and respected in the community.  He was the one ...
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