Bats in the Bell Tower

Three pastors, one Methodist, one Presbyterian, and one Baptist were best friends in a small country community.   Each week they got together for fellowship and to discuss things going on in their churches.  One week the topic was so unusual.  Each of the three churches had an infestation of bats in their attics.

The Methodist pastor said “I was so angry this week that I took a big net upstairs, caught all the bats, put them in cardboard boxes and loaded them in my pickup truck.  I drove 50 miles into the country and turned the bats loose.  By the time I returned to the church, the bats were already back in the bell tower.

The Presbyterian pastor said “I simply got carried away this week.  I took my double-barreled shotgun and all my shells upstairs to shoot those bats, but all I did was shoot holes in the roof of my church.”

The Baptist pastor said “This week, I got rid of our bat problem at our church.”  As his two pastor friends stood in amazement, he told them “I took my bible with me to the bell tower, I preached a gospel message, All the bats were saved, I baptized them, put them on the church role, and I haven’t seen them since.”


  1. Butch Chesser

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    Last line of this I believe should end “…and I haven’t seen them since”.
    Glad to see something up and going for Phil