If You Can Catch Me (Motivation)

A young man in town could not lose weight.  He was single, couldn’t buy clothes and couldn’t get a date. He had tried everything, so as a last resort he went to his pastor.  The pastor told him that he had a guaranteed weight loss program for him.  He instructed him to go buy some workout clothes and be ready tomorrow morning at 6am.  The answer to his weight problem is coming.

At 6am the next day, he heard a knock at his front door.  He opened up the door and said “good morning pastor” but it was not the pastor.  It was the most beautiful, in shape, single, blond in town.  She said “pastor told me to come down here to tell you that if you can catch me, you can keep me.”  She took off running down the street.  Of course, he ran after her.  Day after day, 6am, knock, knock, knock, he chased that blond.

After 3 months, he was looking fantastic.  His life had completely turned around with this daily motivation.  Every available woman in town now wanted to go out with him but all he could think about was that one blond that he’d been pursuing for so long.

One day, he came within an arms length of catching her.  He went home that night with one thought “tomorrow she’ll be mine”.  He went to bed early that night, woke up a 4am.  He even splashed on some Aqua Velva.  He was gonna catch her today.  Just like every morning, 6am came….knock, knock, knock.

He ran to the front door ready to spring out for his prize when he was shocked at what he saw.  The most miserable, overweight, single lady in town was standing at his door.  She was a mess from head to toe.  Her hair was going every direction.  Then she said “Pastor told me to come down here.  He said if I can catch you, I can keep you!”

Pastor had given him a weight loss and a maintenance program.

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    this is absolutely hilarious. if you plan on using this Sat, I’m beating you to it tonight….God bless…we love ya !