Can I buy one and copy or print as many as I need?

No. The same laws are in effect for downloads as they are for physical goods. If you have a 200 piece choir, and you plan to give all 200 members a printout of the sheet music or a copy of the rehearsal track, then you must purchase 200 copies of the sheet music or 200 copies of the rehearsal track. Purchasing a quantity less than what you produce and retain is an infringement of copyright laws.

How do I get the files I purchased?

Once you have completed paying for your items through PayPal, and processing by PayPal is completed, you will receive two email receipts. One will be from PayPal. The other will be from Phil Cross Choral and it will include download links to the files you’ve purchased.

What if I never received an email copy of my receipt with download links?

The most likely reason that you didn’t receive an email receipt is that it got caught in your spam folder. Please check your spam folder for the email before contacting us about this.

If you’ve checked your spam folder and you still can’t find your receipt, contact us.

What happens if my internet connection goes down during checkout?

If your connection goes down prior to completing payment on PayPal’s site, then your payment is not completed. It is possible that when you come back to try again, your shopping cart may still contain the items you wish to purchase. If you don’t see the shopping cart on the left side of the page, then it is empty and you must start your shopping process over.

If your connection goes down after completing payment on PayPal’s site, you will receive and email receipt and download links will be provided in that email.

What if a file I downloaded is corrupt and won’t open?

Downloaded files occasionally get corrupted during the download process. This does not mean the file on our server is corrupted. Most likely, all you need to do is delete the file that you downloaded and download it again.

If you continue to have problems, please contact us.

How many times can I download a file

Once you download a file 3 times, the link becomes inactive. If you need to download the file again after the link is no longer active, contact us to request additional downloads. Please include the song title, the description of the actual item you are requesting and your order number in the message when you contact us.

Why is my comment or reply not showing?

We strive very hard to combat comment spam. We have incorporated a number of comment spam blockers. Occasionally, a valid comment will be flagged as potential spam and held for moderation. We strive to catch these and approve the comment for display as soon as possible.

FAQ for Providing Songs

If you have an agreement with Phil Cross Choral and wish to provide songs, please see the FAQ for Providing Songs